The better technology we have, the better advice we can give.

NASA put people on the moon with a computer less powerful than the phone in your pocket. Technology has come a long way since then and is continuing to improve every day. The financial industry is no exception to this trend, and we believe it’s our obligation to you to stay on top of new technological advances so you can benefit from the tools and resources we believe are best suited for you.

One of the main drivers motivating us to break away from big Wall Street was to break away from proprietary technology that becomes obsolete overnight and updates getting caught up in budgeting and red tape for years. We’ve taken a different approach by using the power of modern technology to integrate industry leading tools from independent companies focusing on the specific solutions we believe can most effectively help our clients. A number of those tools you’ll never see because they allow us to be efficient behind the scenes, but some of the tools you may interface with are as follows:

MoneyGuide Pro:

This is our financial planning software. They are an industry leader in financial planning and help us to build your customized roadmap for your future. Additionally, MoneyGuide has a client portal that will allow you to log in and see the status of your plan, as well as interact with the “Play Zone” which allows you to weigh the impact of different decisions with Realtime results.


This is a Risk Capacity software that helps us to understand the level of risk you are comfortable taking. Riskalyze will use their proprietary algorithm to analyze your accounts and portfolio as a whole. What this allows you to do is compare the risk you are comfortable with against the actual risk you are taking. Additionally, their algorithm will generally project the realistic upside and downside potential of your portfolio over the next six months.


Holistiplan is a tax analysis software that uses optical character recognition to upload your tax return and their proprietary algorithm analyzes your taxes for you. You receive a two-page summary of your taxes and a list of potential tax strategies you may want to consider. Holistiplan is not meant to replace your CPA, but instead to help to make sure you are taking advantage of everything you can. Also, the software allows us to create a tax projection for the next year and future years beyond that. This can be helpful when considering a Roth conversion, maximizing tax credits and many more things. You’ll always want to confirm with your CPA before taking action, but Holistiplan can be a conversation starter and allow us discuss the potential viability of these options without getting nickel and dimed.

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