Healthy Plan, Wealthy Life

Healthy Plan, Wealthy Life™

We help you navigate the road less traveled.

What We Do

At YellowWood, we believe everyone deserves a chance to strive for the financial freedom wealth can provide. Having access to financial advice and investment solutions can be crucial to your success. We engage with our clients in multiple ways because wealth management isn’t a one size fits all solution.

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YellowWood One

Our comprehensive highest level of financial planning and investment management.

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A financial planning-focused solution.

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A cost-effective, investment-focused solution.

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Why Work With Us

Working with a financial advisor should be fun and fulfilling. After all, isn’t that what you want your life to be? We are a privately held, independent financial advisory firm built on financial planning and a team-based approach to working with clients. Our proprietary process, The Healthy Plan, is designed to build custom solutions for each unique relationship so your money can serve you best.


Our philosophy is to help clients focus on their goals and what will give them the greatest return on life.

Independent Fiduciary

Working with an independent fiduciary legally binds us to place your best interest first.


Dedicated to providing sound financial planning services through ongoing learning and development.


We partner with leading technology developers to provide you sound advice and modernized tools.

Our Philosophy

We strive to help our clients align their financial resources with their values so they can live a full and meaningful life now and in the future.  Healthy Plan, Wealthy Life™.

Our Team

When we left big Wall Street we let them keep the suits and ties. We put a huge emphasis on being approachable and relatable, because breaking down the barriers of meaningful communication allows us to do our best work. We’re real people, just like you, and the better we know you the more opportunities we can identify to make great financial decisions.

The Healthy Plan Path

We believe that with better guidance, you can live a better life. The Healthy Plan Path is a proprietary process we designed from years of experience working with clients to achieve their financial vision. Our customized solution to your unique goals creates a personalized roadmap to make the important financial decisions in your life. And because life can be crazy at times, we’ll put all of this in an organized binder for you, so your roadmap is always at your fingertips.


Financial Forecasting

Investment Management





We believe in providing our clients with the resources they need to make informed financial decisions. From market updates and newsletters to articles and videos, our resources section offers a wealth of information on a variety of financial topics. Explore our resources to learn more.

You deserve more from life than to travel someone else’s path.

Let us help you navigate the road less traveled.

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