Our Philosophy

Healthy Plan, Wealthy Life™

Our philosophy is simple: Healthy Plan, Wealthy LifeTM. Most people can’t tell us what their 10-year investment return was, but nearly everybody can remember the times they used their money to have great experiences or build memories with loved ones. For that reason, we are passionate about helping clients focus on their Return on LifeTM, not their return on investment. Don’t get us wrong, return on investment is important, but when you’re 90 years old, which one will you be thinking about?

Living a wealthy life starts with a healthy plan, and goals are the foundation of that plan. We spend a lot of time working with clients to identify meaningful and fulfilling goals. It sounds easy, but we challenge you to come up with specific goals that really move you beyond retirement, paying for a child’s education and not being a burden as you age. That’s table stakes. What’s deeper? What about investing in your relationship with your spouse or family? What skill have you always wanted to pursue but never had time? Are you spiritually fulfilled? What are your favorite memories and what would you pay to have more of them?

Most people spend the majority of their life working. You give up all those hours to build your wealth, Shouldn’t you have a great plan in place to maximize what that wealth can do for you?  Healthy Plan, Wealthy LifeTM    

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Foundational Principles of YellowWood

We help our clients align their financial resources with their values. To help you on your journey, we build you a roadmap that can be your guide to making financial decisions.  This roadmap empowers you to make choices aligned with your vision and to have the confidence that these actions will help you live a truly wealthy life.

Are you taking the road less traveled?

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