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The Healthy Plan Path builds a personalized roadmap focused on your financial fulfillment.

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1. Goal Setting

Are you prepared to answer the question, “What will make your life fulfilling and meaningful?” We find most people only focus on sending kids to college, being able to retire one day and not becoming a burden as they age. These generally are very important goals, but we want to push you further to discover what you can do to get enjoyment and meaning from your life along the way. You’ve worked hard to get where you are. It’s time to stop focusing on return on investment and instead free yourself to consider your return on life.

2. Financial Forecasting

Once you’ve put the time in to set clear and purposeful goals, our financial modeling algorithm helps you to visualize how likely you are to achieve those goals, at the time you hope to do so. The true value of the model isn’t just the projection it gives you today, but our ability to show you, in real time, the effects different decisions could make on your future. This dynamic nature of our modeling algorithm allows you to use it as a tool to evaluate your financial decisions and their potential ramifications so you can be empowered to make choices with confidence.

3. Investment Management

With a roadmap in place, we strive to determine how much of your investment portfolio should be in stocks, bonds and cash. This is called your asset allocation. We call our asset allocation “The Bucket Strategy”. Most investors will have the need for some safe money, so that goes in a bucket with very little risk. Next, we have our moderate bucket. This bucket will take some risk but won’t share the full downside risk of the stock market. We want to give this money the opportunity to grow, but still provide some protection. Lastly, we have our growth bucket. The growth bucket is meant for money we know we won’t need for several years, and we can afford to take more risk with the idea of beating inflation and building your net worth for the future. As the safe bucket starts to get spent down, we just fill it up from the moderate bucket and if that bucket starts to get a little light, we fill it up from the growth bucket. Ultimately, we design portfolios for the long term, so we try to make sure we’ve got enough money in your safe and moderate buckets to weather any short-term storms in the market.

4. Risk Management

Having a plan to grow your money is essential, but what do you do if life doesn’t go your way. It’s not fun to consider, but do you have a contingency plan if you were to pass away or become disabled in an accident? Do you have a family history of dementia or Alzheimer’s? These unfortunate circumstances happen, so it’s important to consider what you can do to offset some of the risks. Our forecasting algorithm helps us to evaluate any gaps in your insurance plan, based on your specific goals and time horizon. You’ve worked hard for what you have, let’s make sure you protect it!

5. Tax Planning

Do you pay too much in taxes? Do you have formal tax planning meetings with your CPA? While we do not give tax advice, we are happy to partner with your CPA to make sure our investment management is working in concert with your tax strategy to limit the amount you owe. We also have technology that will evaluate your tax return to look for gaps and opportunities in the future. This report is a great conversation starter when meeting with your CPA to help you get the most out of your return.

6. Estate Planning

Do you have a will? How about a trust? Of course, you have a power or attorney, right? These documents can be crucial to helping you and your money is taken care of in the event of your passing or incapacitation. We can help hold you accountable to getting your estate plan done with a qualified estate planning attorney and that the titling of your accounts and beneficiaries matches those documents. We can even model out a flow chart to show exactly how the whole plan could work. As morbid as it is to consider your expiration date, if and when that happens we can help your estate transition assets to whomever you wish.

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