Retirement Transitioners

Are you a 50-65 year old business owner, professional or spouse, adjusting to the empty nest lifestyle, managing aging parents and/or thinking about how to wind down your career? We see Retirement as somewhat of an antiquated idea – we prefer that our clients Transition from their current career/business to their Next Act – something that they find extremely exciting and fulfilling that they can’t wait to engage in!

The Next Act transition can be fairly complicated and a bit overwhelming in the beginning – the good news is that we’ve helped many of our clients get through this transition with flying colors! This phase of life can involve assisting aging parents, leaving behind a long-tenured career, helping adult children, and identifying how you will live a fulfilling life moving forward – we help you tackle each one of these unique challenges resulting in a balanced and enjoyable Next Act – and there can always be a 3rd Act too, the possibilities can be endless!

Let’s start by saying that the term Retirement Transitioner may not exactly be in the dictionary, but it does describe one of our most popular services. We help our Transitioners retire TO something, rather than FROM something. While every Retirement Transitioner is different, our experience has revealed several financial and emotional pain points many of you may experience: