Shari Kinney

Vice President – Operations Specialist

About Shari

Shari is the Vice President of Operations at YellowWood.  For over 25 years her career has been based on service and dedication to helping clients in the financial services industry.  At YellowWood, she is responsible for handling the day-to-day administration of accounts, including the entire client experience from account opening, transferring of assets, to income distribution. Prior to joining YellowWood, Shari worked as a Senior Registered Client Associate at Merrill Lynch with Les and Jason.  Before that, she worked for several other Wall Street firms in a similar capacity.

Shari is a people person who enjoys talking with and learning about the lives of our clients.  As a team, the more we know, the more we can do for you.  With her experience in the industry, Shari enjoys coming up with creative solutions for titling accounts, naming beneficiaries and distribution strategies that help convert clients’ ideas into realities.

Shari lives in Charlotte, North Carolina with her husband, Paul, and has twin grown boys.  She enjoys being involved in community fundraisers, having a drink with friends or a nice cup of coffee on her back porch with her cats.